Happy New Year (2020)

Well a new Year is amongst us! I look at a new year as a new beginning. A chance to start a whole new year a little bit better than I did the last year. We all know that there are things we could do better at. A new year brings 

Fresh HOPES, Fresh PLANS, Fresh EFFORTS, Fresh FEELINGS, Fresh COMMITMENT. Welcome 2020 with a fresh ATTITUDE. Happy New Year.

May the new year bring all the good things in life you truly deserve. You had an amazing year already and you’re going have another more amazing one!

New Year Wishes: You may have had some really good memories about the past one, but you never know what’s the new one is bringing for you. Its time to be hopeful, have new dreams and make some new resolutions for the new year in your life. Its time to connect with each other and make new year wishes. Its time to move on and embrace what’s new. New year means a lot of new dreams and new achievements. People throughout the world anticipate eagerly for this time of year to celebrate the memories they made in the past year and to welcome the new one. 

Mindset Changes

These words have been borrowed from Billy Chapta

1.  Forgiving yourself and others -Stop waiting for an apology from the people who hurt you to finally give yourself permission to heal. Make love to the parts of yourself that old connections disconnected. Dip the parts they broke in self-love, wait for no one to come along and kiss your wounds.

2.  Stop settling for mediocrity -There are some who will be able to comprehend you on the surface and be completely unable to dive into the depths you have to offer. There are some who will be fascinated by the oceans within you, and be unable to swim in the waves you give off- Do not settle for mediocrity.

3.  Discounting your inherent worth -What you know about yourself is more important than what people think your intentions are. Not everyone will choose to see the good in you but what people think of you has nothing to do with who you are. Don’t muddy your own water by wiping away dirt that doesn’t belong to you.

4.  Focusing on your shortcomings rather than your growth and potential -Find no shame in starting over, find no shame in going back to the root and beginning again. Find no shame in rerouting because the path you took no longer gives you life. Find no shame in admitting that you made mistakes along the way. Find no shame in starting over.

5.  Relying on external validation -Stop asking for permission to be you, you don’t need anyone’s approval or recognition to live your truth. Validation is cheap therapy.

6.  Self-sabotage -Darling, it ended because it ran out its course and the universe is preparing you for something new. You can stop holding yourself accountable for friendships that dwindled out. You can stop holding yourself accountable for relationships that died. You can stop mistreating yourself.

7.  Learning to be patient – When the waves are not flowing your way, learn to be still in the moments that your mind is tempted to run. Learn that just because concern invites itself to the table does not mean that you have to feed it. Learn that your inner compass is never wrong.

8.  Quit Staying in unhealthy relationships -You deserve connections that don’t require you to walk on eggshells to get a point across. You don’t deserve connections that require you to sacrifice your peace just to protect feelings or egos. You deserve connections that don’t require you to distance yourself, from yourself.

9.  Work on positive talk -The universe has no opinion of you, the universe only reacts off the energy you give it. Your actions and thoughts are keys and shackles!

10.  Accept your imperfections -Show me the magic that exists within. Let me unearth buried diamonds in my soul that I’ve ignored in the past, let the love I have for myself be so loud that it silences unnecessary opinions in my ear. May truth continue to find me even when the world shuts its lights off.

11.  Shying away from discomfort of the unknown -Fear will keep you in cycles that seem never-ending, while doubts lurk in the background playing games with your soul. Drown your worries and concerns in honesty and light, so you can finally meet with your future.

12.  Evaluate if your actions are bringing you closer to your goals.

Let us thank god for a fruitful year that’s coming to an end today. May he keep us blessed with his supreme light of power and knowledge!

I wish God blesses you with the might to take every problem head-on and emerge unscathed. Sending you well wishes and praying for you in the coming year!

May God bless your family with prosperity, good health, and happiness in New Year. Praying that you and your family have a happy and healthy New Year!

I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year, hope your plans will be fulfilled as you desired with the blessing of God Happy New Year!

Best Wishes for 2020!




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  1. Happy New Year, Kathy! And thanks for all the tips on how to change our mindset and create a better 2020!

    I resonate with all the tips. And I notice a few that I have worked on in 2019 – such as forgiveness, not settling for mediocrity, positive thinking, and many more. I do see a few that I find will be good for me to improve with in 2020. Thank you so much for this great list.

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