Using Visualization to Stay Motivated and Reach Your Goals In 2020

It seems like magic. How is it that simply imagining a thing can make it real? No, we’re not talking about a new spell from Harry Potter, we’re talking about Creative Visualization, which is more science than magic.

Visualization means that you’re guiding your thoughts onto a certain path in a certain way to ensure success. While it might seem a little mystical at first glance, there’s some pretty solid science behind it.

Studies have shown that it’s our attitudes that frequently determine our success. In other words, if we think we’re going to fail, we’re indeed very likely to fail.

But does the opposite hold true? Not always, because there might be other factors that have to do with your success that is outside of your control – like a lack of knowledge when you begin or a lack of resources to see your project through to completion. But what IS proven is the importance of a positive mindset. Visualization takes that positivity to the next level and allows you to SEE your success.

How do you do it?

1. Start with the goal. If you’re not sure where you’re going, how can you expect to get there? In this step, you’re going to want to picture what you want or hope to accomplish exactly. That is the big picture goal, so don’t worry about the details just yet. Right now you’re gaining a direction.

2. Add layers. Here’s where you get into the nitty-gritty of what you want to do. Once you have your big picture goal, now you can work out the smaller components that make it up. Imagine this goal in the most minute details until you have a clear understanding of what you need to do to get where you want to go.

3. Expect the unexpected. Now imagine the obstacles you’re likely to come up against and stop you in your tracks. How do you intend to handle them? Plan for every contingency.

4. Add in practical application. In short – practice. Not just in your head, but in the physical world as well. That means rehearsing that speech in front of a mirror before giving it in front of a crowd. Take your visualization and put it to the test. And then go back and revisit your visualization and make adjustments as necessary. Repeat as many times as necessary.

5. See the Success. When visualizing perhaps the most important thing to see in your mind’s eye is your success. Take your goal to completion with all of its steps, including that happy ending where everything has gone exactly right.

By using visualization, you give yourself an important edge. That edge translates to motivation. When you’re sure of your success you can’t help but be excited about what you’re doing. What’s amazing is that using that motivation then creates a stronger visualization, creating a cycle of success that is unbeatable. Imagine that!

Happy New Year (2020)

Well a new Year is amongst us! I look at a new year as a new beginning. A chance to start a whole new year a little bit better than I did the last year. We all know that there are things we could do better at. A new year brings 

Fresh HOPES, Fresh PLANS, Fresh EFFORTS, Fresh FEELINGS, Fresh COMMITMENT. Welcome 2020 with a fresh ATTITUDE. Happy New Year.

May the new year bring all the good things in life you truly deserve. You had an amazing year already and you’re going have another more amazing one!

New Year Wishes: You may have had some really good memories about the past one, but you never know what’s the new one is bringing for you. Its time to be hopeful, have new dreams and make some new resolutions for the new year in your life. Its time to connect with each other and make new year wishes. Its time to move on and embrace what’s new. New year means a lot of new dreams and new achievements. People throughout the world anticipate eagerly for this time of year to celebrate the memories they made in the past year and to welcome the new one. 

Mindset Changes

These words have been borrowed from Billy Chapta

1.  Forgiving yourself and others -Stop waiting for an apology from the people who hurt you to finally give yourself permission to heal. Make love to the parts of yourself that old connections disconnected. Dip the parts they broke in self-love, wait for no one to come along and kiss your wounds.

2.  Stop settling for mediocrity -There are some who will be able to comprehend you on the surface and be completely unable to dive into the depths you have to offer. There are some who will be fascinated by the oceans within you, and be unable to swim in the waves you give off- Do not settle for mediocrity.

3.  Discounting your inherent worth -What you know about yourself is more important than what people think your intentions are. Not everyone will choose to see the good in you but what people think of you has nothing to do with who you are. Don’t muddy your own water by wiping away dirt that doesn’t belong to you.

4.  Focusing on your shortcomings rather than your growth and potential -Find no shame in starting over, find no shame in going back to the root and beginning again. Find no shame in rerouting because the path you took no longer gives you life. Find no shame in admitting that you made mistakes along the way. Find no shame in starting over.

5.  Relying on external validation -Stop asking for permission to be you, you don’t need anyone’s approval or recognition to live your truth. Validation is cheap therapy.

6.  Self-sabotage -Darling, it ended because it ran out its course and the universe is preparing you for something new. You can stop holding yourself accountable for friendships that dwindled out. You can stop holding yourself accountable for relationships that died. You can stop mistreating yourself.

7.  Learning to be patient – When the waves are not flowing your way, learn to be still in the moments that your mind is tempted to run. Learn that just because concern invites itself to the table does not mean that you have to feed it. Learn that your inner compass is never wrong.

8.  Quit Staying in unhealthy relationships -You deserve connections that don’t require you to walk on eggshells to get a point across. You don’t deserve connections that require you to sacrifice your peace just to protect feelings or egos. You deserve connections that don’t require you to distance yourself, from yourself.

9.  Work on positive talk -The universe has no opinion of you, the universe only reacts off the energy you give it. Your actions and thoughts are keys and shackles!

10.  Accept your imperfections -Show me the magic that exists within. Let me unearth buried diamonds in my soul that I’ve ignored in the past, let the love I have for myself be so loud that it silences unnecessary opinions in my ear. May truth continue to find me even when the world shuts its lights off.

11.  Shying away from discomfort of the unknown -Fear will keep you in cycles that seem never-ending, while doubts lurk in the background playing games with your soul. Drown your worries and concerns in honesty and light, so you can finally meet with your future.

12.  Evaluate if your actions are bringing you closer to your goals.

Let us thank god for a fruitful year that’s coming to an end today. May he keep us blessed with his supreme light of power and knowledge!

I wish God blesses you with the might to take every problem head-on and emerge unscathed. Sending you well wishes and praying for you in the coming year!

May God bless your family with prosperity, good health, and happiness in New Year. Praying that you and your family have a happy and healthy New Year!

I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year, hope your plans will be fulfilled as you desired with the blessing of God Happy New Year!

Best Wishes for 2020!



How To Stay Focused On Your New Year’s Resolution

Take Stock to Start Your Year on The Right Foot!

Too often we charge in when it would be better to assess where we are first. It can be painful to look back to see our mistakes and shortcomings. And yet, it’s the best way to determine what we need to do to make significant changes in our lives. Before you prepare to start the new year with loads of new resolutions and goals, take some time to reassess your life in these different areas.

  • Obligations—Ever wish you had more time for what was genuinely important to you? Now’s the time to make that change. And the first step is by looking at all the things you’ve taken on that no longer feel important. Consider each committee, sponsorship, extended family and friend obligations that no longer feel fun. If they feel like a burden, it’s time to unload them. That may feel challenging. After all, no one wants to let others down. But this is your life, and it’s time to choose you instead of others’ wants.
  • Finances—If you wish you had more money but can’t or don’t want to work more to get it, take a careful look at your finances. Quite often, little wants turn into needs. Scan through last year’s bank statements and make a note of any recurring payments. You may wince when you see how much you’ve spent on unnecessary things throughout the year. Having occasional treats for you and your family is okay. But if “shopping therapy” has become a burden, now’s the time to fix it. Make a list of all the ways you could cut back without feeling deprived. For example, could you eat out two nights a week instead of four? Is it essential that you shop for clothes every month? How much could you save if you took your lunch to work three days a week instead of getting take-out? Do you find it fun to have four bazillion TV channels? These are just a few ways you can trim expenses, so you can save for things that matter to you instead.
  • Dreams and Goals—Many people site not enough time or not enough money as the reason why they stay in dead-end jobs, don’t pursue their passions, or make real changes in their lives. If that was you and you’ve taken our advice and reevaluated your obligations and finances, those excuses should no longer be holding you back. So, what do you want really? To go back to school and start a new career? Turn your side-hustle or hobby into a business? Purchase and cook homemade, whole foods that support your health and wellness? By choosing to make those two changes in your life, you’ve now opened up a whole new world for yourself. Grab it, and don’t look back!

4 Changes That Can Transform Your Year (and Your Life)

Sometimes, making changes that you want to see in your life feel nearly impossible. It takes a willingness to step outside your comfort zone to make significant changes that will transform your world. If you want to start your year out right, these subtle changes can be the beginning of a happier, healthier life.

  1.  Listen to Your Intuition—We like to think life is linear and rational. But more often than not, we make blind decisions based on what we know at the time. But what if you started following your intuition more often than your brain? Often, the right choice is the one we don’t fully understand at the time. Your intuition can lead you down a path you least expect, but that can change your life in exciting ways. Worry less about connecting the dots and spend more time riding the wave.
  2.  Understand Your Why—You want to make changes but find year after year, you have yet to make it happen. One reason for this is because you don’t understand why you want to make the change. Or you understand it, but you focus on how hard it will be to make the change. Look at the big goal you have and ask yourself why you want it. Will it free up time, make you healthier, or make retirement more comfortable? If the answer is yes, you should keep your thoughts on how much better your life will be when you’ve made the change, and then take action. Always start with your “why.”
  3.  Take Action—Often we humans wait until the time is right to do something meaningful. And for this reason, many of us have regrets later in life. What do you genuinely want? If you can answer that question automatically, it’s time to take action. Any action. It doesn’t have to be the “right” action. But making that first step will lead you to discover the right next steps to take that will lead you to where you want to go.
  4. Stay Shortsighted—Have you ever thought you’d like to make a significant change in your life but then thought yourself out of it? When we look too far into the future, we can get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. Ask yourself what the first step would be to make that change. Then the next step. And the next one. Most successful people didn’t know where exactly they’d end up. They just knew they wanted to change their lives, and so they did, step by step. Don’t let the fear of the unknown future steal your happiness today by keeping you paralyzed.           2020 will be your Year!

New Year’s Resolution vs Setting Goals

Ways To Actually Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions In 2020! 

As the New Year fastly approaches. It’s natural to feel a bit excited by the prospect of leaving behind the old year and beginning anew.

On January 1, everyone seems to have an idea of how they want their new year to look, from healthier habits to learning new skills. But we’ve all made New Year’s resolutions that we’ve quickly broken.

When you slip back into your usual routine after that fresh “new year” feeling, it’s hard to maintain that motivation and commitments we’ve made for ourselves.

If you want 2020 to be the year that you make and keep your resolutions, you need a strategy to hold yourself accountable.

The very First step that will definitely get you what you want and desire is To know what you want!

What Do You Really Want? I’m learning  to be specific. One can’t just put out to the universe, I want a big house. One must say, “I want a home that has plenty of windows, where the sun shines through so brightly. A home that is at least 7200 sq feet with land to grow a garden. A place that is big enough for family events and gatherings”. You get where I’m going!

After visualizing( because we have to imagine having it)  The Magic that is finally going to get what your heart desire is this (drum roll please)!

Write It Down!  Put It On Paper!  Watch the Magic unfold in your life!

Some Strategies That May Help Alone the Way And Hold You Accountable

1. Write It Down On Paper

It has been proven in studies that the process of writing down—by hand—your goals, aims or resolutions will make you more likely to achieve them.

2. Make It Fun

Make your goals Fun! Start Small!  We are only human. Majority of us fail at our goals by the second week, but so what? Start again! It’s never too late. Goals are a joy to achieve when you are playful at attaining them!  Reward yourself with prizes for any achievement.

Make goals inspiring and fun to accomplish. Review your goals often, checking in that you still want to achieve this goal. Enjoy the journey and success!

3. Make New Week’s, Not New Year’s, Resolutions

Making New Year’s resolutions can seem appealing, but to commit to something year-long is a huge undertaking. And the disappointment of not meeting it can weigh heavy since it implies that you’ve failed majorly.

A better approach is to make commitments weekly. This might include renewing commitments from previous weeks.

4. Skip Resolutions And Make Declarations

Traditional resolutions tend to fall apart before January ends. Instead, make three (and only three) life- or career-changing declarations for 2020.

For example, “I will loose at least 5 pounds this month,” “I will close the largest deal of my career,” or “I will attend a yoga class at least once a week.” The themes matter little as long as they fit your appetite for learning, growth and adventure. Declare them clearly!

5. Create A Vision Board

One of the best ways to really crystallize your New Year’s resolutions is to create a vision board. Start by collecting images and words that represent what you’d like to achieve and how you’d like to feel. Put these together into a collage. Then sit back and truly connect to the vision you have for yourself. Put your vision board somewhere where you can see it every day. Then make it happen!

6. Prepare Yourself For Change

The No. 1 reason resolutions don’t stick is that people don’t do the work to prepare themselves for the change. Lasting change doesn’t happen until your mind is ready, which includes seeing more pros to change than cons. This takes mental work. Lasting change doesn’t happen when you just make yourself do something different.

7. Make Your Goals Incremental

Many know to make a goal S.M.A.R.T. Go one step further and make it incremental. It’s helpful to have smaller milestones to spur regular action, limit procrastination and measure progress. Rather than “loose 20 lbs this month ” define the goal as, “I will loose 5 lbs this month.”

8. Pay Attention To Your Limiting Thinking

Focusing on your goals is an important part of meeting your goals. The second and much less common part is focusing on competing commitments. We consciously commit to our resolutions like growing the business, and at the same time we are unconsciously committed to avoiding rejection. This competing commitment can derail our ability to accomplish our resolutions.

9. Evaluate Your Habits

Resolutions rarely work because we have a tendency to focus on the big goal itself and neglect to focus on the actions you must take to reach that goal.

Whenever you embark on a new goal or vision, you must first evaluate which habits you need to change or acquire to achieve success. Regardless of what you want to achieve, if you don’t focus on what it takes to get there, you never will.

10. Create A Team Of Accountability Partners

Have a small group of trusted friends and colleagues with whom to meet monthly. Start off the year sharing resolutions, goals and strategy plans. Each month,  keep each other accountable and on track toward achieving milestones towards your plans.

11. Set Goals That Align With Your Everyday Life

Resolutions are nice to have, but they are often not accomplished because we are too busy with other things. A good way to ensure you get them done is to turn them into written goals that are exclusively yours and in harmony with your everyday life. Additionally, ensure these goals are specific and written in a positive tone. Make them so that you can measure and attain them.

12. Map It Out And Take Action

You wouldn’t have been given the dream if you didn’t have the power to move into it today. Sit down, map it out, find resources and take action. You can always perfect the plan as you go.

13. Focus On Micro-Changes

Resolutions are mostly a waste of time. They are too big, too ambitious and require too much energy. Avoid feeling like a failure and embrace incremental improvement instead. What micro-change can you make this month? When you master that, tackle something else. Small changes add up to big wins. Make changes in alignment with your priorities and goals for long-term fulfillment.

14. Measure And Share Your Progress

We manage what we measure. Translate your New Year’s resolutions into specific behaviors and action steps and write those down as a checklist. Then measure your progress every day by marking a simple “yes” or “no” next to each item on the list. At the end of the week, review your progress and share it with a close partner. It is difficult to lie to ourselves when we see our progress on paper.

15. Aim To Be Better Than You Were Yesterday

Be better than you were yesterday. Personal and business lives are always evolving, and we encounter obstacles that we have to overcome. The goal is not to be perfect or to achieve something spectacular. Hence progress and improvement can only be measured in context. Being better in one area than you were yesterday is not only simple to understand but easy to achieve.

Some Achievable Resolutions (Goals) for Me In 2020!

Actually doing your New Year’s Resolution?

Start with a vision board. A lot of us over look this one technique. If your resolution/Goal is to be a better person in 2020, then cut out words or a photo of the person you are wanting to become. This way you can look at this each day and picture yourself becoming that person and so on.

Play more?

Don’t be so serious all the time. If you have children, go outside and play ball with them, go skating. Be more playful with your partner. Put the computer and phones away. Go outside and just enjoy nature.

Learn something new each day?

Read a book, meet with individuals that are inspiring to you and learn from them. Attend webinars on topics that interest you. Surround yourself with positive and thriving individuals.

Loose weight?

This is a  popular resolution for a lot of us and sadly is one of the most failed resolutions. Why, because there is no one diet- fits- all, says best selling author, nutritionist, yoga instructor,  Lyn-Genet Recitals of the Metabolism Plan.  First, discover the Foods and Exercises That Work for Your Body to Reduce Inflammation and Drop Pounds Fast! If you want to loose weight you need to:

  • Stop counting calories.
  • Stop eating healthy foods.
  • Stop exercising so darn much.

Calorie counting doesn’t work.  If it did says Lyn-Genet Recitals, we would all be skinny. If calorie counting worked, you wouldn’t be beating yourself up right now for your body not “responding.”

Healthy foods? There is no such thing-only what is healthy for you. Each of us is chemically unique, which means that a food  works for me might trigger a weight-gaining  sensitivity in you. For example, One may gain an entire pound every time the have one little 70-calorie egg, while eggs may be the healthiest food for another. “We’re all different-and calories have nothing to do with that,” says Lyn-Genet Recitals.

Then there’s exercise, which has become the new diet religion, the thing that’s supposed to be good for everybody all the time, and the more, the better. But here’s the truth says Lyn, “If you exercise too intensely for your body, you’ll gain weight because you’ll drive up your levels of inflammation and cortisol, a stress hormone that can slow your metabolism and cause you to gain weight.

Yoga and the Benefits

Not a gym person? Bore easily at the gym? Then Yoga may be your 2020 regiment! Here are the benefits:

  • Decrease Stress- Studies show that yoga can help ease stress and lower your levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Relieves Anxiety-Studies show that yoga can help ease stress and lower your levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • May Reduce Information- Some studies show that yoga may reduce inflammatory markers in the body and help prevent pro-inflammatory diseases.
  • Could Improve Heart Health-Alone or in combination with a healthy lifestyle, yoga may help decrease risk factors for heart disease.
  • Improves Quality of Life-Some studies show that yoga could improve quality of life and may be used as an adjunct therapy for some conditions.
  • May Fight Depression-Several studies have found that yoga may decrease symptoms of depression by influencing the production of stress hormones in the body.
  • Could Reduce Chronic Pain-Yoga may help reduce chronic pain in conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis.
  • Could Promote Sleep Quality-Yoga may help enhance sleep quality because of its effects on melatonin and its impact on several common contributors to sleep problems.
  • Improves Flexibility and Balance-Research shows that practicing yoga can help improve balance and increase flexibility.
  • Could Help Improve Breathing-Yoga incorporates many breathing exercises, which could help improve breathing and lung function.
  • May Relieve Migraines-Studies show that yoga may stimulate the vagus nerve and reduce migraine intensity and frequency, alone or in combination with conventional care.
  • Promotes Healthy Eating Habits-Yoga encourages mindfulness, which may be used to help promote mindful eating and healthy eating habits.
  • Can Increase Strength-Some studies show that yoga can cause an increase in strength, endurance and flexibility.

Start a Meditation practice?

Thousands of years prove it, and Western science backs it: Meditation sharpens focus. Meditation lowers blood pressure, relieves chronic pain, reduces stress. Meditation helps us experience greater calm. Meditation connects us to our inner-most feelings and challenges our habits of self-judgment. Meditation helps protect  the brain against aging and improves our capacity for learning new things. Meditation opens the door to real and accessible happiness.
Start an Affirmation  practice? 

Start Journaling?

Stop procrastinating?

Spend quality time with family?

Travel to beautiful places?

Upgrade my technology?

Staying motivated?

Some New Year’s Resolution For Leaders in 2020!

Take control of the device that is stealing your time

Decisively take control of your smartphone- and the time it is stealing from you” says Greg Orme, a keynote speaker and the author of The Human Edge: How curiosity and creativity are your superpowers in the digital economy. Continue reading “New Year’s Resolution vs Setting Goals”

About ME

Hey! And Welcome, I’M KATHYNew Beginnings

An entrepreneur, also currently a retail supervisor for a major chain (A regular person). I served in our US military for six years. So I value the statement “I Am My Brothers Keeper”. I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you were Born to Be.

A born-and-raised country girl with nothing more than passion for others and seeing one live out their True Potentials! As a southern raised young girl, I would often hear ” you are destined for something Great” Those words meant a lot to me even as a young child.

I have always been an individual who saw good in people. I could meet a person and  kind of knew if they were living a Happy fulfilled Life. Or, was Life living them? As a child, we were often told, you have to work Hard to be Successful, you Have to go to college and get a degree if you want to be Successful! This it what we were brought up thinking. I know our parents meant well, but now that I am an adult and have worked hard, I have attended college. These things alone don’t bring true Happiness and Fulfillment. I have since learned that we control our destiny.

I now know, that Success and True Happiness comes from within and being a servant by helping others. When you are contributing to the world your Talents, that’s when you find True Happiness.



This time of the year is when most set Goals. yes, the all famous New Years Resolution. Whether that Resolution is to

  • Loose weight
  • Get a better job
  • Find the Love of their life and so on..

We often start at the beginning of a new year which is Great! We have to start some where right! So why not start with your goal at the beginning of the year. Don’t be hard on yourself, relax and enjoy the journey. Start exactly where you are. All goals are achievable if you believe, and start exactly where you are right now.


Here, you will find resources that I think will help you realise who you are and what does Success, Happiness and Fulfillment mean to you.

This will be different for each individual. Let’s  dive deep and realise what is your true Happiness.

Happiness and success comes from within. There are resources that has truly helped me, and I will be sharing here for those who are looking to live their true potential. We have only this one Life, let’s start where we are and make our remaining days Amazing!


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